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European Programmes:

  • PRIMOCID - Non-human Primate Models of Chronic Immune Disorders - A EU sponsored Research Infrastructure for studies in non-human primates
  • EPV (European Primate Veterinarians) - Non profit organization consisting of veterinarians working with Non Human Primates in primate centres, clinics, research institutes, universities, government, industry, zoos or sanctuaries.
  • European Marmoset Research Group (EMRG) - The EMRG is a non-profit organization to faciliate interdisciplinary communication between institutions conducting biological and/or biomedical research with non-human primates.
  • NADIR - The project aims to facilitate the development of Europe’s high level bio-containment facilities.
  • NEWTBVAC - New vaccines are urgently needed to stop tuberculosis. Every year more then 9 million new cases of this infectious disease are recorded. Every year around 1.7 million people die of TB, equaling one death every 19 seconds.

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