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NHP-specific LAS course

Scope of this Animal Laboratory Science Course on Primates
The Expert Working Group (EWG) of the European Commission developed a common education and training framework for the EU to fulfil the requirements under Articles 23, and 24 of Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. Our complete course content for functions A (carrying out procedures on animals) and B (designing procedures and projects) was developed according to the educational objectives as given in the working document of the EWG. (Link: and the current FELASA accreditation guidelines from May 2014. The course has been accredited by the FELASA in summer 2017. To this date it is the only species-specific course on primates in Europe.

The course has been held twice annually since late 2015. Since 2017 it is held three times per year. The courses content is focused on the work with non-human primates in research. It gives an introduction into primate biology, an overview over different research areas in which primates are used and insides into methodology, procedures and handling. In addition, important topics such as welfare, ethics and legislation are part of the course.
The course consist of an e-learning phase which needs to be passed by an online-exam and a subsequent 5 days on-site course at the Geman Primate Center in Göttingen, Germany.

Content: National Legislation; Ethics; Basic and Appropriate Biology of Primates; Primate Care, Health and Management; Recognition of Pain, Suffering and Distress in Primates; Humane Methods of Killing in Lab Animals
Platform: Our e-learning is integrated in the platform. Only course participants will be able to access respective contents
Online-Exam: Your participation in the e-learning will be controlled by an online multiple-choice exam

On-site course*
Location: German Primate Center in Göttingen, Germany
Content: Primate Handling and Training; Minimally Invasive Procedures in Primate Research – Insights from Neurosciences, Infection Biology and Stem Cell Research; Measuring Behavior; Ethics; Animal Welfare and the 3Rs Design of procedures and projects – Insights from Infection Biology and Neurosciences Good Laboratory Practice Biometry and Biostatistics in Laboratory Animal Science, Legal Issues and Responsibilities
On-site Exam:
Multiple - choice exam

*The use of non-human primates for educational purposes:
According to the Directive 2010/63/EU as well as to the German law, procedures on non-human primates are not allowed for teaching and educational purposes. In this on-site course we compensate missing practical applications with video, live demonstrations and other media as well as non-invasive measures of animal behavior.

General Information:

Duration: The course consists of an e-learning part (20h, self-study) and subsequent 5 days on-site part at the German Primate Center.

Course Language: English

Number of Participants: max. 20

Certificate: Participants will be provided with a FELASA accredited certificate after successfully passing the exams at the end of the e-learning as well as the on-site course.

LAS-Courses in 2019:
4.-8. November (on-site) + 2.-30. October (e-Learning)

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