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The EUPRIM-Net Project

WP2: Harmonisation of Husbandry and Experimental Procedures of Primates in Breeding and Experiments

All consortium partners will be involved in this workpackage. Its overall goal is to provide a platform to define
best practices in experimental procedures and husbandry of primates in biomedical research and breeding
colonies. To meet this challenge, this workpackage has the following objectives:

1. Organise and conduct a series of workshops to exchange and improve veterinary, breeding and research
expertise and to produce white papers to define the state of international best practice in these areas
2. To initiate and conduct an international exchange programme for primate veterinarians
3. To set up a web-based training platform
4. To set up a harmonized quality system in preparation for accreditation

The general aim is to work as a consortium and together with international colleagues to define, develop and
apply best practices to be used in primate breeding and experiments. This will increase the quality of studies and
ultimately lead to a refined and/or reduced use of non-human primates.
Besides a close collaboration between all consortium partners, we will also set up a collaboration with the
US-based primate centres for training of veterinarians or others involved in primate research.
The expected impact at the conclusion of EUPRIM-Net II will be a virtual European Primate Centre where
standards are high, best practices are used and accreditation can be done if a centre chooses to apply for it.