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Positive Reinforcement Training

Implementation of Positive Reinforcement Training (PRT) methods for primates to increase the level of cooperation in experimental and management procedure

Stressful handling of nonhuman primates in conjunction with e.g. blood sampling and injections has a negative impact on animal welfare and can be a confounding factor in biomedical research. PRT reduces the stress that the animals experience during such procedures. As a consequence of such training, experimental results will become more reliable, and safety will be increased, both for animals and personnel. This activity will contribute to the 3R-approach, because the training will reduce anxiety during handling and therefore will improve the quality of data (Refinement). The present activity will ensure that PRT of primates becomes a standard technique across Europe. The aims of this Network Activity are:

  • All network members are committed to implement PRT as a daily routine in at least one of their research projects.
  • PRT techniques will be standardised into Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the centres of the network members.
  • A professional video explaining and teaching the techniques has been developed. Click here for more information!
  • The results of the work will be presented at conferences and in relevant scientific journals of laboratory animal science and non-human primate biology and ethology.
  • An outreach program with on-site training of personnel will be offered to all European primate centres interested in implementing PRT.

DVD - Training Laboratory Primates:

The 15 minute video contains film clips of trained animals in research settings and demonstrates some of the potential uses of Positve Reinforcement Training (PRT). Each DVD includes a English and a French version, as well as subtitles in Italian, German and Dutch.
The DVD is offered only to primate facilities and not to the general public. If you submit an application, you will be required to sign a declaration about the use of the DVD and return it to us before distribution of the DVD. The application will be subject to approval by EUPRIM-Net. Apply here!
Contact: euprim @


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