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Poster for Alternative Methods Workshop 27 February 2014 at the BPRC

[Click here for pdf version of the poster]


Dear colleague,

I would like to bring the upcoming workshop “Alternative methods for the use of non-human primates in biomedical research” to your attention. 

Because of their close resemblance to humans, non-human primates (NHP) are used to study particular aspects of human biology and disease. That resemblance also poses an important dilemma in biomedical research. Like humans, non-human primates are complex social species and their welfare, housing and care taking is demanding for specialized expertise and facilities. Both society and biomedical researchers wish to reduce the numbers of animals needed for experimental purposes to an absolute minimum, with a maximum effort to ensure animal welfare and good science. Important guidelines for that quest are the three Rs of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement.

A workshop on “Alternative methods for the use of NHP in biomedical research” is organized within the international exchange program of EUPRIM-Net II, a European initiative that links biomedical primate research centres.

This workshop will take place at 27-28 February 2014 at the Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC, Rijswijk, The Netherlands) and will serve four main purposes:

1. Sharing information in order to accommodate, validate and spread the use of alternative methods in primate research
2. Discussing the potential and the challenges of alternative methods
3. Identifying obstacles hampering the development of alternatives in NHP research
4. Providing transparency to the general public and other stakeholders on the status of alternative methodology in primate research

The workshop will include lectures by key players in the field of alternatives as well as include workshop sessions to stimulate discussion. For a detailed program see attached flyer. Registration at is free of charge, but the number of attendants is limited (‘first come first serve’ basis). Please feel free to disseminate the information and the flyer.

Kind regards and hope to see many interested,

Jeffrey Bajramovic