The EUPRIM-Net Project

Course: Introduction to bioacoustic field methods: from recording to statistics

This short methods course will provide a brief introduction into the basic steps of bioacoustic research. We will discuss the physics of sound, mechanisms of sound production, acoustic analysis and field methods. A mini-project will focus on more practical skills, in particular recording techniques, and the selection and analysis of own recordings. Research carried out within the German Primate Center will be presented to demonstrate the practical application of acoustic analyses, including important statistical tools to answer relevant questions in the field of animal and human communication.

If you would be interested to take this course please email Tabitha Price ( or Peter Maciej ( until 29 Aug 2011

Course begins: 12.10.2011 at 9.00am
Course duration: 2.5days
Credits for participation: 1.0
Taught by: Tabitha Price and Peter Maciej