Project Management

The coordinator of the EUPRIM-NET is the director of the DPZ, Prof. Stefan Treue. He has overall responsibility for the management of the infrastructure and acts as the intermediary between the EC, the External Advisory, Scientific and Governmental Boards, and the partner institutes. At a practical level, he shares the management of the network with the director of the BPRC, Prof. Ronald Bontrop, who is the vice-coordinator of the network.

The coordinator and vice-coordinator are supported by a project manager responsible for the administrative and financial management at the consortium level. The overall management also includes the activity managers who are responsible for coordinating the technical activities.

The overall management is characterised by continuous activities such as administrative management and the dissemination of information, by periodical activities like meetings and any other management activities at the consortium.

In the first half of the project a structure for dissemination of the information, the internet presentation including the implementation of a database combining the information from the institutes has to be constructed. The management team offers central services for the financial, legal and other administrative issues of the project. It is responsible for the organisation of the meetings as well as the compilation and distribution of information to relevant parties. It provides the External Advisory Board and the Scientific and Governmental Board with all information needed for the supervision of the network.

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