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Centre de Primatologie / Université de Strasbourg- CdP Unistra


The Centre de Primatologie (CdP) is a unit for the support of scientific research at the Université de Strasbourg (Unistra), France. It is associated to the platform Silabe that proposes biomedical services for health companies and research such as animal supply, biological sample provision and preclinical studies. There are between 600 and 800 primates kept on a 7 ha-site in social groups. Ten species representing three large families, i.e. Lemurs, New World Monkeys (capuchins, marmosets) and Old World Monkeys (macaques, African green monkeys) are currently bred on the site. The site offers unique surrounding and infrastructures to monkey colonies. Care and use of animals are operated under optimal conditions regarding European standards and animal welfare concerns. Social housing, enriched environment and outdoor access are some of our features that made the facilities internationally renowned and AAALAC accredited. The CdP-Unistra develops studies of the nonhuman primates’ behaviour and offers collaboration in behavioural research and training in primatology. Main fields of research focus on social cognition and neurosciences:

 Memory and attention processes, impact of aging
 Development and use of autonomous and automated tools to evaluate individual cognitive performances
 Theory of Mind precursors - attention and intention reading, perspective-taking  Influence of the social organisation on cognitive performances, communication and decision-making processes
 Handedness and origin of language


CdP- Unistra
Fort Foch - F-67207 Niederhausbergen

Financial & Administrative matters:
Yves Larmet

Scientific matters:
Dr Hélène Meunier

Services for biomedical research :