Network Activities

EUPRIM-NET has four networking activities. The network activities are carried out to enhance the competence of animal keepers, veterinarians and researchers in managing various aspects of the animals’ welfare. The adoption of best practice methods in the housing and breeding of animals, as well as their use in scientific studies, across the centres will ensure a high quality in animals from all institutes. The use of positive reinforcement training of the animals, aimed to be introduced in all of the centres, will reduce the stress potentially experienced by the animals in both routine husbandry as well as in experimental studies. Lectures in primate biology will enhance the knowledge and understanding of all persons dealing with primates and will enable periodic updates on current practices and experiences.

  Activity Contact Involved Institutions
NA1 Management of EUPRIM-NET Björg Pauling , DPZ
bpauling @

NA2 Optimisation and standardisation of primate husbandry in breeding and experiments euprim @ all
NA3 Implementation of Positive Reinforcement Training (PRT) methods for primates to increase the level of cooperation in experimental and management procedure Mats Spångberg, SMI
mats.spangberg @

NA4 Courses dedicated to general primate biology (lectures and seminars) and primate husbandry, nutrition and handling Eckhard W. Heymann, DPZ
eheyman @



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