Submitted: Grant Proposal for EUPRIM-Net follow-up project in FP7

The EUPRIM-Net consortium is applying for a second round of EUPRIM-Net funding in FP7. If granted EUPRIM-Net II could start with the beginning of 2011 and run through 2014.

With the first round of the infrastructure project EUPRIM-Net a virtual European Primate Centre was created for internationally competitive state-of-the-art research developing, refining and ensuring best practice in primate research. The proposal builds on the successes and achievements of the current project. New features of EUPRIM-Net II, if granted, will be the expansion of the network to non-European primate centres and advancing the 3Rs (refinement, reduction, replacement) with a new focus on alternative methods. The timeline for the proposal foresees that summary reports of the proposal evaluation will be sent to the project coordinators in March 2010. Successful applicants will be invited to Brussels for contract negotiations beginning May 2010, first grant agreements will be signed from end of 2010.

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