EUPRIM-Net II project with EU funding until 30th June 2015.

The EU Commission has granted a cost-neutral extension to the Research Infrastructure Project EUPRIM-Net II until 30th June 2015. That means that important services like EUPRIM-Net biobank of genes and tissues and EUPRIM-Net courses and workshops on primate issues will also be offered in 2015.

EUPRIM-Net II aim is to advance animal welfare and the 3Rs in primate research. To this end several network and research projects as well as a biobank of genes and tissues and PRIMOCID are included in this Research Infrastructure.
The new Directive 2010/63/EC on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes requires state-of-the-art practice in the care of experimental animals and staff to be optimally trained. EUPRIM-Net has dedicated itself to provide best education by accepting primate veterinarians in a rotation/exchange programme. Furthermore EUPRIM-Net offers workshops on current issues like veterinary practices, biobanking, non-invasive imaging techniques and more.
Over the past 8 years EUPRIM-Net has very successfully offered courses for scientists/veterinarians and technicians/animal care takers on topics like general biology, nutrition, behaviour, ethcis and more. With the recent re-newal of the FELASA accreditation system for educational courses in the area of laboratory animals, EUPRIM-Net is currently setting up a primate courses aiming at FELASA accreditation.
Within EUPRIM-Net an ABM/PRT Seminar group has formed who have created eight lectures on several topics which can be presented upon request at European primate centres. The work of the seminar group is supported by research activities which are still ongoing.

With the cost-neutral extension, EUPRIM-Net II can offer its services and research work also in 2015 to support science that meets the highest ethical standards for primate-based animal research.