Primate Husbandry

Optimisation and standardisation of primate husbandry in breeding and experiments - NA2

The aim of this Network Activity is the development of a unified health monitoring system together with the standardisation of keeping conditions and experimental procedures.

This includes the following aspects:

  • Definition of a health control system for European primate centres. This includes control of certain viruses, bacteria, parasites and the definition of “Standardised pathogen free (SPF) conditions”
  • Establishment of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the quarantine of nonhuman primates
  • Definition of SOPs for keeping primates at biosafety level 2 and 3
  • Standardisation of procedures in experiments which are typically performed in nonhuman primates (e.g. measurements in neurobiology, infections in virology)

Resulting information will increase the quality of experiments in nonhuman primates and will provide information and expertise to governmental bodies in relation to all issues concerning primate-based research. This is not only a prerequisite for being able to compete scientifically on a world-wide scale but is also necessary for ethical reasons.

To achieve the objectives, a close cooperation between the partners involved is necessary. By organizing workshops the actual status of health monitoring, SOPs, etc. in the participating institutions will be evaluated and the adaptation of a unique system for all involved members will be arranged.



19-20/04/2007 Workshop "SOP in Breeding Colonies and Experiments"
The workshop will be held at the German Primate Center.
23-24/11/2006 Workshop on Health Monitoring in primate colonies
The workshop will be held at the German Primate Center.


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