Joint Research Activities

The Joint Research Activities of EUPRIM-Net shall improve the methods used for pathogen surveillance in primate breeding colonies and associated management and hence the quality of the animals used in experiments will be improved. Genetic characterisation of the animals will lead to the provision of animals most appropriate for specific biomedical research studies: this will in turn enhance the statistical power of the research data and as a consequence improve the results of the studies and reduce the number of animals required. The provision of such specific pathogen-free animals with characterised immunogenetics will result in the European primate centres addressing the reduction of animals in scientific experiments (the 3 R’s).

  Activity Contact Involved Institutions
JRA1 Development of molecular typing of immune genes in macaques Lutz Walter, DPZ
lwalter @
JRA2 Achieving a better defined and improved virus and microbacterial state of non human primates in European research Ernst Verschoor, BPRC
verschoor @
JRA3 Telemetry for distance monitoring and minimal invasive investigation in primate research Alexander Gail, DPZ
agail @


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