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Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control - SMI


The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control is a government expert authority with a mission to monitor the epidemiology of infectious disease among Swedish citizens and promote control and prevention of these diseases. SMI gives expert advice and support to local, regional and central authorities with operative or political responsibilities for infectious disease control. Experts from SMI are also frequently consulted by international organisations, like WHO and the European Commission, as external evaluators or activities and/or projects concerning infection control. SMI has a long experience in HIV vaccine studies in macaques, and has recently built a new BSL-3 laboratory for non-human primates, with a housing capacity of approx. 150 animals. The housing and care of the animals are in full compliance with the new EC requirements, still in draft. Positive reinforcement training is used in the daily routines in order to facilitate the handling of the primates in connection with injections and other procedures.



Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control
17182 Solna

Financial and administrative matters:
Johan Carlson

Director General
Ragnar Norrby, MD, PhD, FRCP
ragnar.norrby @

Scientific matters:
Mats Spångberg, DVM PhD
Chief Veterinarian
mats.spangberg @

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